Sunscreen Lotion Flask (2 Pack)



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If you're interested in the perfect hiding spot to stash your drinks at the beach, look no further than this sunscreen bottle flask. The flask looks identical to your standard bottle of sunscreen, besides the fact that it actually holds 8 ounces of moonshine. Overpriced tickets for events but YOU GOTTA GO! Overpriced drinks? Hey we got you covered! Bring your favorite beverage of choice and don't wait in those long lines to pay WAY too much $$$. No leaving your seat for a refill! This food grade sunscreen bottle acts as a flask you can use to smuggle booze into concerts, concerts, Vegas pools, beaches, and sporting events. Fill with your favorite alcohol and bring into events that allow sunscreen! Going on a cruise? No problem! Avoid the overpriced drinks on the ship by filling up at the ports! The sun shot is a great way to hide your booze, sneak it on a cruise ship, smuggle booze wherever your sunscreen can go and save money. Holds up to 8 oz. ( 2 PACK )